The most sophisticated, simple and accurate time clock for your busy workforce

Discover AI-powered time clock solutions built on an intelligent platform that work seamlessly together to automate all your time and attendance related processes, control labor costs, manage compliance and ensure your people are productive at work.

SimpliTime Clock

Simple, Sophisticated, Secure

  • Geo fence and GPS enabled mobile clocking.
  • Facial Biometric and Retina scan clocking.
  • Web clocking.
  • QR Geo fence enabled clocking.
  • IVR multi factor authentication clocking.
  • KIOSK Clocking.

Stay in control, be in compliant and empower your employees

With SimpliTime My Clock and My Team dashboard you can:

  • View daily shifts in real time with GPS enabled location tracking and interactive map.
  • Always know who's clocked in, who's on break, who's on PTO and who clocked out in real time.
  • Employees can request a shift change, schedule, or PTO from their App or online from anywhere in the world.
  • View in real time if an employee clocked in via the app, web, QR, IVR, or physical clock.
  • Get real time alerts of mis-punches, meal violations, approaching overtime, over budget.

Manage your Time Off requests, shift requests and schedule requests all from the palm of your hand

  • Quickly set up a PTO plan and assign to one or multiple employees.
  • Request a paid or unpaid PTO, and once approved, it flows directly into your timesheet.
  • Manage your PTO balance, time taken and accruals directly on your app or web.
  • Forgot to clock in? Request a new or change a shift; upon approval from your manager, your shift displays in your timesheet real time.
  • Need a schedule change? Make yourself available or if you want to pick up a shift, head over to schedule requests directly on your app or web.
  • Review all your requests and their statuses all from a single page.

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