Lou Sylaj

Chief Executive Officer

Distinguished serial entrepreneur based in New York.

With more than a decade of experience in multiple business-development sectors, Lou has a long and successful record of internationally lauded leadership along with a reputation for harvesting growth opportunities in the technical, consulting and management worlds.

His reputation includes achievements in the areas of:

  • Spearheading bottom-line objectives,
  • Optimizing customer/client satisfaction and,
  • Cultivating strong team communications and unification.


A native of Albania, Lou began his career in the U.S. as an exchange student in Northern California and upon earning a B.S. in Biology at the age of 21, Lou spent the next 13 years working within the corporate sector while concurrently developing technology products on his own time.


With expertise and diversified commercial experience in product development as his base, and with an innate and relentless entrepreneurial spirit, Lou soon intertwined his successful experiences with a passion for business ownership to found several successful brands before the age of 37, including ATS Management Consulting (2018), SimpliTime Inc. (2020) and (as a co-founder) Edbit (2021).


As an entrepreneur, Lou demonstrates his career fervor by delivering diversified services that effectively translate community and leadership initiatives into growth-driven strategies focused on influencing the goal of financial freedom.

Lou has built his businesses on a foundation of integrity and trust and every step he takes in the entrepreneurial sector rests on a single cornerstone notion: to help position his teams, his family and modern-day society for sustainable success.

Specialization Highlights:

  • Streamlining business development processes, enhancing branding and improving both individual and professional productivity.
  • Using immersive C-level experiences and high-performing technology knowledge to influence innovative thinking and spark bottom-line progression.

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