Time and Attendance

Discover how SimpliTime Time and Attendance software helps your organizations save time, be in compliance and keep everyone accountable. SimpliTime is designed to automate your time keeping processes, manage labor related risks, reduce labor costs and empower team team productivity.

Modern and sophisticated platform

Go beyond traditional time and attendance systems with a platform built for the workforce of tomorrow that seamlessly connects with all your enterprise systems and applications.

Track your team's work, Manage your PTO and holiday, track your daily, weekly, monthly and annual budget real time on the dashboard. You can see who is clocked in and where throughout the day, automatically calculate all your country and state specific overtime rules, meal breaks, rest breaks and more, all from a single place

Simplify and automate your time and attendance tracking

Manage all your time data in one place. Control labor cost, engage your employees and be compliant. Discover how SimpliTime timecard is built on an intelligent platform with hundreds of rules built in. Here are just some of the features:

  • Real time dashboard of all hours worked by pay code and dollar amounts
  • Real time labor tracking against budget and against schedules
  • Pay policy (pay codes, calc rules, wage rules, holidays)
  • Timecard Action ( approvals, edits. labor allocations, audit, GPS locations etc)
  • Overtime rules pre built for every country, state and unions groups. Rules editable with a single drag and drop
  • Real time overtime alerts as well as daily and weekly digest as well as overtime approaching alerts to all managers and admin
  • Full mobile timecard functionality ( everything you do in web you can do on mobile)
  • Employees can request a shift change and route to managers for approvals
  • Manage your PTO, your balance, your accruals all from the timecard

Manage Workforce Analytics and Trends

Empower your teams, create healthy habits, optimize your processes, measure productivity all from a single platform

  • Review overtime data to identify areas where you could reduce labor cost.
  • Uncover patterns for specific location or dept and what's driving those usages.
  • Review all meal breaks and violations for repeated offenders.
  • Identify trends in working hours by locations i.e. later start time, longer shifts, early departures
  • See a daily breakdown of average working hours by company by location by day, week or month
  • Review real time analysis between hours worked vs hours scheduled vs budgeted hours for a specific location and/or dept through an interactive dashboard

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